About The Reach & Wash System

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Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

The Health & Safety Executive recognize Reach & Wash water fed pole systems as an excellent way to comply with the new government regulations in the working at height directive.

By using this method we eliminate the risk of any injury to staff, our customers or the general public.Brian Stubbs Window Cleaners staff are fully trained and qualified to use this system.

Our vehicle arrives at your premises with a large tank of crystal clear, purified filtered water.The water is also de-ionised which keeps the windows cleaner for longer.

The water is pumped up our telescopic poles to a soft brush head which cleans the glass more effectively than conventional methods.After the windows have been thoroughly cleaned they are then rinsed in pure water. This leaves the glass clear, sparkling and spot free.


Health & Safety
Reach and Wash fully complies with Health & Safety regulations.
Reach and Wash cleans windows, window frames and sills effectively.
Using a Reach and Wash system ensures there is no detergent residue left behind..
No Ladders
Using the Reach and Wash system means we can gain better access, we can eliminate the need for ladders.
Easy Access
We can reach windows above obstructed areas such as car parks, flower beds and conservatory roofs.
Environmentally Friendly
The reach and Wash system is environmentally friendly, no chemicals or detergents are used, just pure water.
Deep Clean
The Reach and Wash system ensures your property receives a thorough clean. We clean frames at the same time as glass.
The Reach and Wash system ensures your privacy is maintained and disturbance is greatly reduced.
There really is no safer way to clean high level windows, the Reach and Wash system is the safest way to clean.